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MillerPulse gets acquired by Black Box Intelligence

MillerPulse customers now use Black Box's Financial & Supplier Intelligence, the largest & most consistent restaurant financial and supplier performance benchmarks


With Black Box Intelligence solutions, restaurant brands will receive:

✔️ Dedicated customer success representative and ongoing analyst support

✔️ Unit level benchmarks with more data cuts (cuisine, segment, daypart etc...)

✔️ Option to collect and integrate financial performance with workforce and consumer insights

✔️ Consistent and direct competitive data analysis with weekly reporting feeds




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Financial Intelligence
  • Get a 360-view of your sales and guest traffic data with interactive and customizable dashboards and uncover exactly what’s impacting your guest experience over time. 

    Identify brands, channels, regions, or units that are underperforming and use objective insights to influence positive and more proactive change.

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Supplier Intelligence
  • Supplier Intelligence™ connects your business with the purchasing and behavioral patterns of the restaurant industry and its consumers. Get the foodservice data and insights you need to stay ahead and manage your business from experts you can trust.